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Bobby Shmurda's GS9 Crew Charged in 24 Shootings, 1 Murder: Investigators

 Bobby Shmurda and 14 Members of the GS9 Crew were arraigned on gun, drug and murder charges in Manhattan Suprme Court Thursday afternoon, Dec. 18, 2014. 

CIVIC CENTER — Rappers Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel and 13 other members an East Flatbush street gang were indicted Thursday in connection to dozens of shootings, including the 2013 murder of a rival gang member, and operating a drug and gun ring, prosecutors said.

Shmurda, a rising star in hip-hop after his “Shmoney Dance” YouTube video went viral, and his crew were charged with selling crack cocaine to finance the purchase of a cache of weapons. They were involved in 24 shootings since 2013, including the shooting death of a rival 19-year-old gang member in an East Flatbush bodega on Feb. 8, 2013, and a June shooting this year where Shmurda fired into a crowd outside a Clarkson Avenue barbershop, investigators said.

“These are bad people,” Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said during a press conference at police headquarters. “They shouldn’t be celebrated and the fact their music is celebrated, and the so-called dance that they created, I would hope that those that emulate it would effectively understand what the source of it is.”

Police seized 21 weapons, 10 of which they found after arresting Shmurda and seven other crew members at the Quad Recording Studios near Rockefeller Center early Wednesday morning.

Shmurda, whose real name is Ackquille Pollard, was stopped in a vehicle after leaving the studio, where police found two weapons and a small quantity of crack in the car, according to investigators.

In one bizarre incident this past July, Rowdy Rebel, whose real name is Chad Marshall, was driving with crew member Santino Boderick in Boerum Hill when they spotted a rival gang member.

Boderick jumped out the car and fired shots into the rival gang member’s car, missing him, but shattering the window, narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan said during the press conference.

Rebel then performed at the Barclays center “hours after that shooting” at a celebrity basketball tournament wearing the same clothes from the shooting, Brennan added.

About a month later, a gun was found under a bed in a room registered to Rebel at the Millennium Hotel in Manhattan. Ballistic tests matched it to the July 27 shooting, Brennan said.

Shmurda’s lawyer said he was targeted because the “government hates rap and by extension hates rappers.”

“If his name was Joe Blow, they’d have given him a desk-appearance ticket or cut him loose from the precinct,” said lawyer Howard Greenberg before the arraignment.

Shmurda was charged with conspiracy, reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon and criminally using drug paraphernalia.

He was held on $2 million bond, which Greenberg said his record label, Epic Records, will pay.

Shmurda’s mother, Leslie Pollard, said after the arraignment, “It’s in God’s hands now."

Rebel was charged with conspiracy, attempted murder, attempted assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon.

Rashid "Rasha" Derissant, 22, was charged with murdering a member of the rival BMW crew in the 2013 shooting. Alex "A-Rod" Crandon, 22, who allegedly accompanied Derissant to the bodega at 803 Clarkson Avenue, was also charged with murder. 

The other men charged were Santino “Cueno” Boderick, 21, Brian “Meeshie” Harvey, 23, Nicolas “Montana Flea” McCoy, 20, Javase “Fame” Pollard 22, Deshain “D-Boy” Cockett, 23, Remy “Fetti” Marshall, 19, Devon “Slice” Rodney, 21, Delroy “D-Rose” Edwards and Clevon “Dread” Pearson, 23.

Shmurda is due back in court on Jan. 29.

Bratton also expressed frustration at record labels for looking to make money off music glorifying violence and more broadly at society for embracing it.

“We are celebrating this, we are paying for this, we are glamorizing it,” Bratton said. “Shame on [record labels], shame on us for allowing it to happen.”

A man who identified himself as a representative from Epic Records at court declined to comment. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Rick Ross Feat. K. Michelle - If They Knew

Shy Glizzy ft. Lil Mouse - "John Wall"

Is The adidas Yeezi Better Than The Nike Air Yeezy? According to Big Sean It Is.

Is The adidas Yeezi Better Than The Nike Air Yeezy

      Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we still don’t know many details regarding the highly anticipated adidas Yeezi. All we know is that Kanye just flew out to China to work on the kicks and this is a possible prototype of the shoe, or this. The truth is we don’t know very much, which is something new and refreshing in the sneaker community to know that images of the sneaker haven’t leaked yet.
Someone who know more than us is Kanye’s good friend Big Sean. In a recent interview with Highsnobiety Big Sean was asked if he had seen the leaked pictures of what was believed to be the adidas Yeezi. This is what he had to say, “I actually haven’t seen the image but I have seen the new shoe. I can’t say much about it other than it’s definitely better than the last one and more improved, just like everything else Kanye does.”
So there you go boys and girls, Big Sean says that Kanye’s new sneaker is better than his Nike Air Yeezy, for whatever that’s worth. Are you looking forward to the adidas Yeezi?

Family reacts to quintuple murder on E. 92nd

Police tell us they have interviewed a couple of people who are currently in jail and they are processing fingerprints and vehicles, but there are no suspects in the  horrific murders of five people on the East side on Friday night.

After something like this, how do you hold it together?

"I said 'Uncle where are you going?', he said 'I'm going home' and I said 'I'll see you later,'" said Tonia Anderson, who told 19 Action News about the last time she saw her uncle Friday, just hours before he was brutally murdered.

Her uncle, Lemon Bryant, was 60. His daughter Regina says he loved to cook and garden.

"I just cant even wrap my head around how all this happened," Regina said. "It's hurtful, I don't understand."

Nobody does. Friday night on E. 92nd, someone killed Bryant, his 18-year-old nephew Jario Taylor, 17-year-old Shaylona Williams, and Bryant's 41-year-old girlfriend Sherita Johnson, who was pregnant. The baby also died.

"We cannot make any sense of why somebody would want to do that to the five victims, they didn't hurt anybody," said friend John Anderson.

There was a vigil at MLK High School yesterday where Taylor and Williams were seniors. And a vigil last night in front of the home for all five victims.

The family is devastated.

"They took lives that didn't deserve to get taken if anybody knows anything please help us," Harper said.

Friday, October 31, 2014

R.I.P. Da'Via


12-year-old Davia Garth killed. (Source: Facebook)
Cleveland Police say 12-year-old Davia Garth and her mother, Sonya Garth-Gray, were shot on Clement Avenue Thursday evening. Both were taken to MetroHealth Medical Center where Davia died from her injuries. The shooting happened around 7:00 p.m. in the 6900 block of Clement Avenue.
According to investigators, Garth-Gray was arguing with her husband, Rufus Gray, when he pulled out a gun and started shooting, hitting her and Davia.
Gray, 59, was arrested at the scene, but has yet to be charged. He recently got off probation in another domestic case this week. He has other felony domestic cases and a manslaughter conviction that began as a murder case. Garth-Gray had recently filed for divorce from Gray, for the fifth time-she dropped the first four cases
Garth-Gary was initially listed in critical condition following the incident but has since been released. According to sources the mother was shot three times and Davia was shot trying to get out of the way. 
The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner is still working on the final cause of death.
Our Scott Taylor noticed Davia's 7th grade class at Hope Academy North Coast School was holding a memorial march for Davia. Garth-Gray talked with her daughter's school that morning. 
"Her message is she didn't want Davia forgotten. We are committed to making sure that doesn't happen so we are going to recognize Davia today and the weeks to come," said Principal Willie Banks. 
"Our class was saying she always had a smile on her face. Always made us laugh. Always had goofy faces she would give everybody. That's what we are thinking about today," said Davia's teacher, Laura Moherek. 
Peace in the Hood will hold a vigil for Davia and her mother on Sunday, Nov. 2, at 5:30 p.m. at the home on 6909 Clement Ave.

Booking photo of Rufus Gray, suspect in shooting. (Source: Cleveland Police)
Death To This Pussy